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Can someone else collect my parcel at a DHL ServicePoint?

Yes, they can. You can give the card that bpost left in your mailbox to someone else to collect your parcel from the DHL ServicePoint. If the sender has selected the “Signature upon receipt” option, only the original recipient is permitted to collect the parcel and will have to show a valid identification document such as an ID card, passport, or driver's license.

Why must I collect my parcel at a DHL location?

If you're not at home for the first delivery attempt, our DHL courier will automatically come back the next workday. If you are not at home the second time, your shipment will be sent to the nearest DHL location where you can pick up your parcel within five working days. Check the address and opening hours of the location on our Track & Trace, using the QR code or delivery code on the DHL card that the courier leaves in your mailbox. When picking up a parcel, a valid identification document (identity card, passport, or driver's license) is always required.

What happens if the parcel can't be delivered?

Did you miss the DHL delivery? No worries, DHL will automatically try to deliver your parcel again the next workday. If you also missed the second delivery attempt, you have five workdays to collect your parcel at a DHL location. Follow the instructions on the yellow DHL card in your mailbox.


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