Specialists in your sector

No two branches are the same. DHL eCommerce understands the differences and wants to be your expert partner. We focus on six sectors: e-commerce, retail, healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing and construction, and automotive.

Optimal online experience

It is our goal to ensure the same customer experience in all your sales channels. This gives your online customers the ultimate customer journey, from order to delivery. And for you each channel is profit.

E-commerce expertise

Retail solutions

We love to work with retailers and they love to work with us. Why? Because we offer logistics advantages that retailers need. See how we can support your business.

Retail expertise

Healthcare deliveries with care

Healthcare is a sensitive sector and DHL eCommerce understands that small mistakes can have big consequences. That is why we deliver with care and leave nothing to chance.

Healthcare expertise

The human touch in high-tech

Precision is paramount in the high-tech industry. With our precise logistics service, safe transportation, and state-of-the-art solutions we help our partners to continuously innovate.

High-tech expertise

Manufacturing and construction
Sky-scraping expertise

Our service for the manufacturing industry seamlessly connects all the links in the chain. We even deliver to construction sites. With our one-of-a-kind service in the Benelux, we provide the solid foundation for your building projects.

Manufacturing and construction

Changing gears

DHL eCommerce has been a partner for the automotive industry for many years. We are the market leader in B2B deliveries, an expert in the transportation of loose parts, and a specialist in delivering to garages and workshops.

Automotive expertise

Reliable service
Sure of your business

DHL eCommerce delivers. Always. No matter where in Europe, you are guaranteed the best possible service, as are your customers and your business partners. We have everything under control. Are you interested in finding out more about what we can do for you?

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