You decide!

Delivery preferences

DHL Parcel wants to guarantee a fast and smooth delivery of your shipments. In order to make things easier for you, you can choose from a number of delivery options. By choosing one or several of the options below, you give DHL Parcel the permission to deliver shipments addressed to you in the way you prefer:

You can easily terminate this agreement by sending an email to [email protected] mentioning which delivery option you want to be stopped, as well as your address and contact data. Your request will be handled within 48 hours after receipt.

Choose one or more of the following options:

DHL Parcel will first attempt to deliver my shipment at my (company) address. If I am absent, DHL can deliver my shipment to one of my neighbours in the same street. If my neighbour accepts the shipment, he/she will have to sign for receipt on the hand terminal of the driver. I will receive a card in my mailbox mentioning the name and house number of the neighbour who accepted my shipment.
I authorize DHL Parcel to deliver my shipments at a fixed safe place in my absence (e.g. garage box). I allow the driver to access the premises, e.g. with a key that I will hand over to DHL.
I agree to DHL Parcel not delivering any goods at my (company) address on the below mentioned closing day(s). DHL will deliver the shipment(s) on the first available working day following the closing day(s).
Do not deliver on the following day(s):
I agree to DHL Parcel only delivering at my (company) address on the below mentioned days.
Only deliver on the following day(s):