24 countries, one logistics partner

Expanding within Europe can be quite complicated: each country has its own infrastructure, rules and customs. But we know this part of the world like the back of our hand and have established a reliable European network over the past 50 years. We transport your e-commerce shipments smoothly across borders while taking local preferences into account. We take care of everything concerning your shipments, so you can focus on your business.

Details matter

Even the smallest details matter when it comes to parcel delivery. That’s why we tailor our services to the country where we deliver and to the recipient’s wishes. For example, we actively offer ServicePoint pick-up in regions where delivery to the front door is less common. Or we deliver to a locker or to a safe place, as agreed with the recipient. The result is satisfied customers, from Frankfurt to Florence.


Convenience to the door

Now you can send goods, collect returns and take advantage of more than 100,000 service points across Europe with ease. Isn’t it time you took the stress out of cross-border shipping?

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Shipping made easy

Manage and track your shipping across 24 European countries with just one label, for all types of parcels. Everything is arranged in no time with our user-friendly online shipping tool.

Simplify your shipping process

Climate-neutral shipping

DHL eCommerce is leading the way when it comes to sustainable logistics. We have the largest electric vehicle fleet in the Benelux and only open green sorting centres.

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