DHL eCommerce for businesses
The best support for your business

DHL eCommerce provides the best support through the most suitable channel at the right moment; whether you want to send a shipment or need a custom business solution.

DHL sales support
We come up with the solutions

DHL eCommerce is a solid and steadfast partner. If you require daily pick-ups, want to print shipping labels from your own system, or would like to use our plug-ins in your online store, we are happy to help.

DHL eCommerce service
Streamlining your logistics

We have extensive experience with logistics processes and gladly use this knowledge and expertise to help you. We help streamline all your processes, so that you can make them more efficient.

Custom advice

Good services start with a good preparation. That is why you and your account manager make clear agreements and create a shipping profile based on the destinations, product specifications and numbers

Planning together

We help you plan your logistics solutions. We agree on pick-up times with your local DHL branch and arrange the details. This includes the number of parcels and pallets, set times and days, and any particular matters on location.

IT support

You can simply send a shipment via our online shipping tool My DHL Portal or ask the help of your account manager. If you want a custom solution or plug-in, we'll help you find the perfect setup for your processes and systems.

Steadfast support

Our support team stays up to date about what's happening in your organization. Our team is always available for questions about your logistics processes, IT, and rates. This allows us to get to know you even better and make our partnership even stronger.

Red-carpet service

If you use DHL eCommerce, you can rely on excellent support.

Focus on performance
Avoid delays

Our operations excellence team closely monitors the performance of our logistics networks. If they notice something odd in our live data, the alarm bells sound and they can take action before anything goes wrong. In the My DHL Portal dashboard you can immediately see anomalies per shipment. If you have a proactive support contract, we take measures to prevent delays on all shipments.

Customer service
How can we help you?

Our excellent customer service department is always ready to help you with questions about the status of your shipment. You can call or send an e-mail. The customer service department can be reached every workday between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

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