Know a good cause? We're all ears

Register your good cause with DHL Cares

Do you know a good cause that could use some help from DHL? Then register with DHL Cares. Our foundation accepts applications for initiatives from companies, individuals, or employees. However, we do have just a few rules:

  1. DHL Cares stands for connection and engagement, so the initiative must be demonstrably in line with this. A project must also be linked to at least one of our Living Responsibility pillars: GoGreen, GoHelp, GoTeach
  2. DHL Cares support lasts for up to one year. This allows us to regularly support new projects.
  3. Donations always go through the DHL Cares Foundation. 
  4. Have you had support from DHL Cares in the past? Then please send us a brief write-up and pictures of your initiative for us to share on our social media and website.
Are you working for DHL?
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