Sustainable DHL

The climate is changing at a pace that demands action. As a company with global reach, DHL aims to create a positive climate movement. That’s why we’re fully committed to reducing our CO2 emissions by, for instance, building sustainably and only driving electric delivery vehicles in the near future.

Smart delivery network

Our CityHubs are all located on the outskirts of urban areas. Thanks to this dense network, we’re always close to recipients and can reduce the number of miles driven for deliveries. This enables us to electrify our fleet at a rapid pace. We’re also expanding the network and building 26 new and completely carbon-neutral CityHubs according to the BREEAM sustainability standards. Our ServicePartners too are encouraged to become more sustainable – after all, joining forces is the best way to achieve impact!

Green locations

DHL eCommerce is headed for an important destination: zero-emissions logistics. That’s why we are making sure our new locations are gas-free and run on solar energy. They also have charging stations for our electric vehicles. Our existing locations are made more sustainable at a rapid pace as well, e.g. by installing LED lighting and setting up insect hotels for our tiny friends. Nobody’s left out!

Fossil-free delivery

We already have the largest electric fleet in the Benelux, but we want to aim bigger. By the end of 2023, we want to make our last mile delivery to consumers in the Netherlands fossil-free. To achieve that, we’re making significant investments in our vehicle fleet. For example, seventy percent of our delivery vehicles run on electricity or hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), a renewable, non-fossil fuel.

Maximum reduction, full compensation

We’re working hard to reduce our emissions. Any CO2 we still emit is offset through our GoGreen offset program. We’re the only carrier to go the extra mile and offset emissions through the corporate GoGreen program as well as Land Life Company. After all, joining forces is the only way to achieve real change!

Climate protection

Our certified Gold Standard projects offset emissions while promoting economic growth in less developed countries. We’re also helping improve the lives of local communities. One example comes from Lesotho (Africa), where we equipped households with efficient Save80 stoves that save up to 80 percent on firewood. Cooking on these stoves not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also means that people are no longer exposed to harmful smoke when cooking.

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Land Life Company

Together with Land Life Company, we are committed to nature restoration. Our investments in large-scale European reforestation projects are actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere while restoring biodiversity and ecosystems. The projects also provide social and economic benefits to the local community.

A GoGreen certificate to be proud of

DHL strives to keep CO2 emissions to a minimum. Until we deliver completely emission-free, we compensate for our residual emissions. As a business shipper, you support Gold Standard-certified projects and actively contribute to large-scale nature restoration within Europe. My DHL Portal shows you by default how much CO2 you have emitted and offset each month. Every year, you will receive an SGS-validated certificate that shows your total carbon offset and which carbon offset projects we have invested in together. It’s something to be proud of, something to inspire you and others. Because together, we are making the difference.

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Partner for trees
Trees for all

We also like to get coworkers and customers involved. Together with our partner Trees for All, we’re building DHL corporate forests both in the Netherlands – in Noord-Brabant and Limburg – and further afield in Uganda’s Kibale National Park and Ghana’s Bongo District. We’re taking every opportunity to expand our forest. For example, our employees can donate their leave hours to plant one or more trees and we regularly send our customers satisfaction surveys and plant a tree for every survey completed.

Trees for All Certificates

Making an impact together

Head of business development, Land Life Company

Sander Keulen

“DHL eCommerce is showing real leadership by setting ambitious sustainability goals. We’re proud to join forces with such a forward-looking company. Together, we are shaping a reforestation program with an enormous impact and are making a real difference.”

Zero-emission logistics

Sustainability manager, DHL eCommerce

Marleen Nelemans

“DHL eCommerce is committed to sustainability. Our biggest mission is to reduce our CO2 emissions. In the short term, by 2025, we’re aiming for our parcel deliveries to be zero-emissions. By 2050, we also want to have brought the carbon emissions of our global logistics down to zero.”